Your credit score is low, but you still need a loan? Here’s why Gold Loans can come to your rescue


Your financial assessment score (CIBIL or Credit Score) is one of the main numbers in your daily life. This can influence your chances of getting a car loan, home loan, or Mastercard. It can also decide how much you pay for coverage and whether you can rent a condo. A low CIBIL score can prevent you from achieving your monetary goals.

What is CIBIL or credit score?

We have a lot to cover in this blog, but first of all, what is a CIBIL rating? A CIBIL appraisal is a number that lenders use to help them decide whether or not to grant you a loan and at what cost of financing. Your CIBIL assessment depends on the data

Having a good credit rating is always a plus, and most of the time a necessity when applying for a loan. But what if you have a low credit score but need money urgently? Today in this article, we are going to explain to you the mode of loan called gold loan, which allows you to cash in your gold ornaments kept in lockers of banks or your houses, to obtain a loan in return.

Importance of CIBIL in the application for a gold loan

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made it mandatory for all banks to use the credit score of an individual applicant, as one of the most basic and important parameters while assessing whether they would be able whether to pay it back or not. CIBIL scores are nowadays very necessary to maintain to get any type of loan. Personal loans, being unsecured in nature, are undeniably more dangerous than secured loans. In gold lending, gold resources serve as security and protection for the bank, whether or not the CIBIL score is less attractive. While in need of cash, the client applies for a personal loan from countless banks and creates superfluous demands on his credit file. This time, no bank will actually want to give you a personal account since these requests will lower your CIBIL score. And yet, assuming you are applying for a gold loan. Bank will not release you discouraged or with next to nothing. As you swear your gold against the loan. Now giving the money saved a sense of security that you will repay the loan on time. In any case, this does not mean that you should not follow your CIBIL score, because it plays a vital role in obtaining other monetary elements. Yet again, a gold loan also helps you further develop your CIBIL score.

Does my repayment of the gold loan also impact my CIBIL?

Do you have at least some thoughts on how applying for a gold loan can affect your CIBIL rating? Indeed, you read correctly. Essentially, applying for a gold loan can decrease your CIBIL rating, be it exclusively by a few purposes. How? Whenever you apply for a gold loan, a firm request is made by the lenders. Assuming you think about what a “firm request” is, it’s a term used when lenders require your credit report from credit services to assess whether your request should be supported. This firm request is reflected in your credit file. A few difficult applications in your credit report are not a problem, because without an application, you cannot obtain a gold loan. Yet a few inquiries revealed in your credit report, that too over a short period of time, can demonstrate that you are credit hungry i.e. you may be in desperate need of a loan or acquiring more than you need – neither is decent credit. sign.

Rupeek provides a very organized and customizable structure for the repayment of your gold loans, which in turn helps you take care of your CIBIL score with timely repayments. Paying your EMIs on time will significantly improve your CIBIL score and help you get through all the paperwork for future loan needs from a bank.


CIBIL or credit score is a very important tool used to assess your ability to repay a loan. Today, if you don’t have a decent credit score, surviving automatically becomes very difficult for you. A CIBIL score not only impacts your chances of getting larger loans like education loans, home loans, etc., it also affects your chances of getting smaller, short-term loans. like one for your TV or smartphone, or a medical loan in case of an emergency. Gold by Rupeek can be an excellent rescue, in such situations. With the lowest interest rates in the market, this NBFC has chains all over India. Customers have trusted him for a long time and people appreciate his facilities. You can also try them out if you ever need a gold loan.


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