This ‘highest paid’ profession in America pays $200,000 and how to make 2022 tax season less nerve-wracking


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Here’s one way Washington is taking action to cut prescription drug costs for seniors

Amid the legislative deadlock, the regulatory change would affect pharmacy price concessions which have jumped 107,000% in a decade to $9.5 billion a year. Read more

This ‘highest paid’ profession in America pays $200,000 – and thousands of positions are available

Wages increased by 4.7% in 2021, according to government data. Read more

Now is the time to sell your used car – but good luck buying one

Used car prices are up 37% from a year ago, according to the December Consumer Price Index report. Read more

Last tax season was “awful,” says the IRS watchdog. Here’s how to make 2022 less nerve-wracking

The IRS has previously warned that the 2022 tax season could be “frustrating” for taxpayers. Read more

“There was nothing in our bank account. I had no backup plan.’ Cut off from his team, a footballer takes on new ground

Tyler Horn’s dream of playing in the NFL never materialized. So he built a new career as a financial planner. Read more

The 2023 BMW iX M60 is a faster, more capable version of the electric SUV

You might like it for its radiant heating, all-wheel drive, durability, and speed. Read more

Don’t you think you can create credit? You can — here’s how to start.

To have your credit ready when you need it, now is the time to start building a good and long credit history. Read more

My brother-in-law is the executor of my late father’s $9 million estate and refuses to give us a full account. What can we do?

“He sent us spreadsheets as a courtesy – and he said even that wasn’t a requirement.” Read more

Founder of national tax preparation company sentenced to prison for skimming $70 million in exorbitant fees over 5 years

Prosecutors say Fesum Ogbazion tricked taxpayers with promises of advances on their refunds and then buried them in the fees. Read more

There’s a ‘surprising similarity’ between those who pay bank overdraft fees and those who avoid them

Bank of America plans to end its “insufficient funds” fee of $35 next month and drop overdraft fees to $10 from $35. Wells Fargo is also ending some fees. Read more


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