Should You Consider A Credit Builder Loan?


A credit builder loan can help people without credit build a credit history. It can also help people with bad credit improve their credit rating.

With a credit builder loan, you make monthly payments just like you do with any other loan. But the lender deposits your payments into a savings account. When the term of your loan is over, you receive the money in the savings account minus the agreed fees and interest.

A credit building program helps improve your credit score by improving your payment history. The more payments you have on time, the better your score. Ideally, you want a credit report that only contains on-time payments.

How Does A Credit Builder Loan Help Increase Your Score?

A credit builder loan is a risk free loan that does not require a credit check. You “borrow” funds from the bank. The difference is that the funds are not returned to you when you apply. Instead, you make monthly payments that are deposited into a locked bank account after bank charges and interest have been assessed.

Over time, balance is built. Once the final loan payment is made, the money matches the loan amount and is released. You can spend it, keep it in the savings account, or transfer it to your bank.

These monthly payments are reported to the three credit bureaus. As long as you make the payments on time, you get a positive payout report. Over time, this can help increase your score. Don’t miss a payment as it will be flagged as a missing or late payment which can damage your score.

If you need to cancel the credit builder’s loan, let the bank know before your loan payment is due. All the money accumulated at this point becomes yours. You shouldn’t have to pay a cancellation fee for leaving the credit program early. You will damage your score if you simply stop paying without alerting the bank.

Credit building products typically start with 12 month terms and build up from there. Some loans offer terms of up to 10 years. By investing more time, you have more money and more on-time payments, which can help boost your credit score.

If you don’t have a credit score because you don’t have a credit card or loan, you may start to see slight improvement after six months of on-time payments.

Tips for Applying

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the loan beforehand. Bank charges and interest rates on these loans can be high. It is essential to know the costs associated with these loans before applying.

Applying for a credit building program is easy. You need a checking account or an acceptable debit card that can be used to make your monthly payments. You need a verifiable address. You must have a valid mobile phone number which can be verified. Finally, you need a Social Security number or an ITIN.

Fill out the online credit application correctly and completely. If you enter incorrect information or forget something, your request may be refused. Avoid disappointment by filling out everything and checking before submitting.


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