Kennek launches credit infrastructure on Mambu


Kennek Lending Solution will launch a new “plug and play” credit infrastructure on the Mambu cloud banking platform to help alternative lenders and credit investors with credit provisioning, Mambu said in a statement. Press release.

Building on Mambu’s composable cloud platform, the company will offer a “very flexible” solution for managing loans.

The platform will work with businesses to help get things started and run, and will allow customers to streamline all of their middle and back office functions, and provide structure and access to risk management tools. .

Kennek has seen demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, lenders and credit investors, and will expand into continental Europe, a lucrative market with more value all the time, says the communicated.

The company also sees opportunities in North and South America with more interest there as well.

“The financial market offers many niche technology and data solutions for financial institutions and lenders,” said Thibault Lancksweert, founder and co-CEO of Kennek. “But selecting and integrating them requires both a holistic view and a strong engineering team, which is costly and time-consuming.”

Co-founder and co-CEO Xavier De Pauq said it would offer a good solution to get “any lender or credit investor, regardless of size, access to a professional, reliable and scalable system at an affordable price. “.

“By democratizing access to an innovative bank-grade system, our partnership with Mambu has created a game-changing solution for the modern lending industry,” he said, according to the statement.

Lending has seen new activity lately, with a team between San Francisco FinTech Nova Credit and identity decision platform Alloy helping lenders become more inclusive across the credit spectrum while not increasing fraud risks.

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Nova Credit helps credit-excluded customers access credit and gives financial institutions a way to increase their pool of potential customers.

“Our mission at Alloy is to create a future where financial services are accessible to everyone, including access to credit for millions of people who don’t fit traditional creditworthiness profiles,” said Laura Spiekerman, co-founder and CRO. d’Alloy, in a May 24 press release.

She added that the partnership with Nova would enable financial institutions to obtain data to provide credit to those previously unable to enter.



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