Fintech lenders can help you access a personal loan online



If you don’t have a credit history, whether it’s because you’re a new Canadian or a recent graduate, you might struggle to get a loan.

With iCASH, Canadians can borrow up to $ 1,500 in short-term personal loans with instant approval, even if they have no credit history.

Just because a person’s credit report is low or nonexistent does not mean that they are ineligible for a loan. Unlike a bank, this lender looks at more than your credit score.

This private lender is more interested in your current ability to repay a loan than your credit history. If you have been earning a stable income for a few months, you have a good chance of qualifying for an unsecured loan even without a credit history.

In Canada, a short term cash advance is a lump sum loan which is then repaid in one or more installments. Many people choose this type of loan because of the ease of the application process and quick access to funds which is essential when money is urgently needed.

Life is coming. Whether it’s a plumbing disaster, car issues, or vet bills, emergency expenses can arise anytime. This online lender provides easy and secure access to quick loans at your convenience.

Canadians can apply for a small personal loan online from the comfort and privacy of their own home with peace of mind that their information is safe.

Within two minutes of electronically signing a loan agreement, users will receive an electronic transfer with their funds.

The best part is transparency. There are no surprises or hidden interest rates. The cost of borrowing is clearly communicated with fixed interest rates and borrowing costs.

iCASH has the best interests of its clients at heart, offering online training to help teach financial literacy. It also helps Canadians avoid debt traps by only lending what they think someone can reasonably repay.

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