Entrepreneur Colin Yurcisin talks about the driving force behind his successful brands


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Running a business is no easy feat. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to make things work, not to mention a fair amount of analytical thinking, constant organization, and detailed record keeping. It is also essential to be aware of the competition and be prepared for many sacrifices. But, even though plans prevail in the early stages of preparation, often the most difficult item to bear is start-up capital, something renowned entrepreneur Colin Yurcisin knows a thing or two.

As an established entrepreneur who went from $ 50,000 in debt to a millionaire in one year, Colin Yurcisin is living the dream. Now he can travel the world in style, stay in five-star hotels, dine in famous restaurants, while imparting his knowledge of credit repair and business to more than 800 people who want to be debt free. and start living a life that suits them. their rhythm.

Colin had a humble start, or in his case, quite a nasty one, after quitting a grueling job in August 2019 and getting ripped off on an investment program. He found the whole experience quite tricky as he had to decide how to remove it from his credit history since his credit score is well below six hundred, so Colin wasn’t just broke, he also had horrible credit. Still, it was the motivation he needed to take charge of his life.

Soon after, he learned how to repair his credit while doing a fantastic job at it, eventually getting rid of the pesky loan. On the same day, he obtained the approval of seven credit cards which gave him capital of about $ 70,000, allowing him to expand his business, get out of debt and start his first business.

With just the right amount of perseverance and determination, Colin is committed to assuring current and future entrepreneurs that anything is possible. Additionally, Colin’s successful career as an entrepreneur has enabled him to help others be successful in their own businesses.

“Being alone is very difficult, so creating your first piece of content will always be difficult, but once you get that momentum it will all work out,” said Colin, recalling that defining moment when he finally decided to jump in. board the business train.

Now at the peak of his career, he runs a thriving e-commerce business called Leverage Investments, where they specialize in automation for a bunch of well-known social media brands, and Leverage Lifestyle, where people learn about odds. credit, passive income and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Colin believes personal branding is vital, especially in these modern times when social media has become the new normal.

As Colin points out, running a business can be tough, and often the road to success will be filled with challenges that can leave someone exhausted, but it’s part of the journey. However, Colin also wants to remind everyone that one of the most crucial factors in running a lucrative business is taking care of yourself and thinking about what you’ve done so far.

To learn more about Colin and his companies, see his Instagram, TIC Tac, and Facebook.

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