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Desna has taken questionable steps in her quest to become a drug lord, which has caused tension between her and her longtime best friend, Jenn.

Dark Desna’s descent continued on Claws Season 4 Episode 3 and Claws Season 4 Episode 4.

This new boss manages to alienate everyone around her.

Desna’s lasting charm is that no matter how despicable she would commit, she was a mother figure who would take care of her extended family members.

This is no longer a sure thing, as she goes after Quiet Ann, fights with Jenn and directs Polly and Virginia more than ever.

Friends Disagree - Claws Season 4 Episode 3

Dean certainly chose the right moment to declare his independence from her.

It’s easy to understand how Desna got there. Throughout the series, men who don’t respect Desna for her abilities or pay her what she’s worth have abused her.

So she has something to prove and she is determined to make a fortune while showing everyone that she can find a better way to be successful.

But one wonders if this is what she is doing. Desna is trying to be a gangster, and she’s not very good at it.

Big Boss Lady - Claws Season 4 Episode 4

And she’s also trying to turn Jenn into a gangsta, and it’s not going well either.

Being the good friend that she is, Jenn agreed to co-sign with Desna on a loan from a very bad lender (two bad credit risks combined make a reasonable credit risk?).

The move meant they both risked everything they had to get Claws Up off the ground. The problem was that only Desna had a say in management decisions.

Desna had a great idea when she ripped Lusty Souls’ tiered marketing plan. She smartly turned some of her most needy customers into salespeople, who in turn recruited more resellers. She gets a share of all the action.

A Night Out - Claws Season 4 Episode 4

But she made the mistake of entrusting Jenn, her lieutenant (and partner), with the management of the dealers, who are imperfect individuals at best.

This choice meant that a dealer panicked when a customer overdosed, and Desna had to shock him back to consciousness.

Then there was Kim, the dealer with a gambling addict husband who stole the money from his Claws Up party.

Jenn befriended Kim, but Desna insisted that Jenn threaten Kim. In the end, although they got their money back, Kim quit and returned to her husband, blaming Desna and Jenn for their marriage issues.

Baron's Future - Claws Season 4 Episode 3

It wasn’t the worst, however, as someone rebranded and sold Desna’s oxy to a markup, which the team discovered while celebrating Claws Up’s success at a club.

Of course, the traitor was Bambi, the star dealer of Claws Up. And Bambi was especially right since she was reselling a product she bought from Desna.

And Desna must have gone gangsta on Bambi’s ass, accidentally killing her as she tried to run away from Desna.

So Desna’s management style cost her 40 percent of her initial class of Claws Up dealers. That’s a high attrition rate.

Nursing Clay - Claws Season 4 Episode 3

Here’s something else to think about: Who is Georgia, Virginia’s new intern?

The ex-stripper guns down the intruder sent to steal Desna’s hiding place. Additionally, someone told Bryce that Jenn would be home with the girls, causing them to roam the streets and end up with social services.

Could Georgia have been implanted inside Desna’s organization by Quiet Ann or a branch of law enforcement?

It’s more likely the last, as Ann was busy revamping Uncle Daddy’s team with faces from her past.

Bounce Back - Claws Season 4 Episode 4

One of those faces was very familiar as Cherry, the ex-con Ann flirted with, was played by Suleka Matthews, who also played Ann’s late wife Arlene.

Ann’s brief flirtation came after Uncle Daddy made a passionate appeal for them to continue with their lives after their losses. Clay placed his sights on Fighter Rolf, a big piece of cheesecake.

As Ann’s star rose, Bryce’s star fell to earth. He sold the fentanyl patches that Bryce had been hired for to an apocalyptic cult he believed to be a commune, which forced Clay, Ann, and Bryce to collect the patches from the corpses of cult members.

Uncle Daddy stuck Bryce in the ring with the opponent minus Rolf, as a penance. Jenn’s ingenious pep talk with Bryce describing Rolf as her executioner Clay led to Bryce’s unlikely victory.

Custody Battle - Claws Season 4 Episode 4

Now Bryce and Jenn face a more terrifying opponent than Uncle Daddy and Desna: social services.

Dr. Ken, after being tortured, defended himself against Clay and Desna. He even met and fell in love with an ordinary woman, transgender Selena. Ken is ultimately less of a cartoon character.

Dean also met an unlikely new beau, Eve, a birthing class instructor. Dean was drawn to earth mother Eve while outspoken Dean enchanted her. She also inspired him to consider becoming a midwife.

Polly mulls over a new job: Angel of Death, after helping a terminally ill Joyce get through using her oxy supply.

Finding Your Calling - Claws Season 4 Episode 3

To revisit Desna’s devolution, watch Claws online.

Is Desna wrong? If so, can it be redeemed?

What is Georgia doing?

Who is your favorite character to watch right now?

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