Almost Every Russian Has A Bank Card


More than 70% of the inhabitants of our country who reached the age of majority were holders of bank cards in the first half of 2016. Ipsos Comcon cites such data after conducting a corresponding study.

According to RosIndex, there is a definite upward trend in the number of people who have received bank cards for use over the past few years. Among the citizens who came of age, living in settlements, numbering more than 100 thousand people, in the first half of 2014 there were about 60% of bank card holders. During the same period of 2015, they were counted slightly more – 63%. And this year the figure has increased to 72%.


Who often uses a credit card?

If we conduct a deeper analysis of the holders, then it is obvious that these people are communicative and do not lag behind the progress. So, for example, most of them have a smartphone, more often receive information from the Internet than from a TV and in most cases have a higher education. 
Almost half of the surveyed use a bank card to make payments more than twice a week. About 30% pay “plastic” up to five times a month. The vast minority – 16% of respondents use this tool only once a month.

Who often uses a credit card?

More than 40% of all bank card holders believe that using plastic constantly is quite dangerous – a card can be stolen and quickly all money can be taken from it. But people who independently withdraw money through an ATM, are becoming less and less. Over the past two years, the share of such users has decreased by 13%, but this is still the most sought-after service.


How are bank cards better than cash?

Despite the fact that the card is convenient to use it for payment, and not for withdrawing cash from it, while most Russians still choose the second method. But the trend suggests that the situation will change soon. In addition to transactions in regular stores, the number of people who shop online is increasing every day. Especially cards become necessary if you need to order something from another country, for example from China.

According to specialists of VTB Bank, the increase in demand for bank cards is caused, first of all, by the growing number of payroll and similar projects. Today, students are switching to “plastic”, receiving benefits on their card, and retirees.

All sorts of programs from banks to lure customers have a positive effect on growth. Earning miles, bonuses, discounts in certain stores, of course, contribute to the fact that people are more willing to pay with credit cards.


The number of bank cards will only grow

The number of bank cards will only grow

This is indicated by all the research data, and the general trend is difficult not to notice. Of course, the total share of cash in circulation clearly prevails, but it all goes to the fact that the number of non-cash transactions in some future will be more. It is difficult to name even the approximate dates when this can happen. According to the specialists of the Multi Card Company, in the next decade, the majority of people will continue to use cash.

Today it is difficult to imagine a bank that will not issue a bank card to a client for free. Thus, even those who recognize only cash as a payment instrument have a good opportunity to become addicted to plastic cards.

Representatives of the Bank “Russian Standard” say that the places where you can conveniently and quickly pay with a bank card, become more and more. Most often, Russians spend money using cards in supermarkets and grocery stores. Slightly less in restaurants and in places related to travel.


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