6 options when you buy now and can’t pay later | Personal finance


If a merchant won’t accept a return, consider selling the item to get some of the money back. You can find a buyer on marketplaces, apps or social media websites. Some online marketplaces may take a cut of the sale, so understand the terms before listing the item for sale.

3. Change your due date or payment method

Before you miss a payment, contact the buy now, pay later business to explore options. Each company has different policies on whether you can extend the payment due date or change it.

Bossler recommends trying to align your due dates with the paycheck or pay period that gives you the most wiggle room. If your plan calls for payments every two weeks, “it might be possible to switch to a monthly payment,” she says.

Or, if you originally used a debit card to set up the buy it now, pay later plan, ask if you can switch the payment method to a credit card. You may incur interest with a credit card and you’ll have to pay that bill, but it can save you time if you’re worried about overdrafts or late fees.

4. See if you qualify for financial hardship

If your financial situation has changed due to circumstances beyond your control, such as unemployment or a family emergency, Buy Now, Pay Later can provide financial hardship assistance.


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